Election Info

Election Info


The District is run by volunteers who are elected to 4-year terms. Board members must be residents of Normandy Estates and be registered to vote in the state of Colorado.

District Map can bee seen here by filtering to "Normandy".

The terms are staggered so that every 2 years either two or three seats are up for election.

Term limits apply to 2 full consecutive terms (Article XVII Section 11). Partial terms don't count toward the limit.

Vacancies can be filled by appointment until the next election. When a vacancy is filled at an election the term will end at the originally scheduled time which would be a 2 year partial term rather than a 4 year full term.

Due to the switch to odd year elections, the terms ending in 2023 and 2025 were shortened by 1 year.

Call for Nominations


Board Elections: No more than sixty days prior to and not later than January 15 of each year, the board shall provide notice to the eligible electors of the special district.

  • The address and telephone number of the principal business office of the special district
  • The name and business telephone number of the manager or other primary contact person of the special district.
  • The names of and contact information for the members of the board, the name of the board chair, and the name of each member whose office will be on the ballot at the next regular special district election.
  • The current mill levy (15) of the special district and the total ad valorem tax revenue received by the district during the last year
  • Information on the procedure and time for an eligible elector of the special district to submit a self-nomination form for election to the board.
  • Designated Election Official : Micki Mills
  • Self-Nomination Deadline: February 24, 2023
  • Regular election date: May 2, 2023

Download Call for Nominations Form